Our Mission Statement:
It is our goal and mission at The Reptile Camp to provide children with the most interactive wildlife experience possible. We believe that through these up close and hands on experiences we can create a lifelong love and respect for all living things. Through our program we thrive to inspire a strong conservation movement through our future leaders!

The Reptile Camp is one of the most interactive experiences you could possibly provide for your nature loving children. This is a very unique opportunity to learn and work from zoological professionals all that the natural world has to offer.   If your children have the power of “why” this is the camp for them!

This program has been designed for children from 5-16 years of age, through a variety of camp programs. Children will have opportunities to interact with many species of animals from the tiniest insects to the largest carnivores, and of course everything in between.

Children will gain lots of knowledge of ecosystems, the environment, the global extinction crisis, zoology, taxonomy, and more! The week-long camp programs have been designed with both base days at our camp, and at the zoo, as well as with field trips to zoological facilities. Everything we do for the week-long camp is completed with an educational goal in mind.

This is the camp your children will spring out of bed in the morning to go to… and be disappointed they have to leave in the evening when you pick them up.  My staff and I will work diligently to provide your children with the summer adventure they deserve! Save the planet with us, one step at a time! It starts with knowledge, and knowledge starts at Reptile Camp!

Yours in Adventure,

Steve Featherstone
Director/Owner, The Reptile Camp